Welcome to Gardeners’ Gold

Providers of premium worms for gardening and fishing as well as organic compost.


Gardeners Gold started business in 2003 and quickly became the largest worm farm in the UK. We produce lob worms, Dendrobena worms and mixed composting worms for all uses.

Our worms are produced in the UK and picked on a daily basis so that they are fresh, lively, energetic and long lived. We only sell quality fresh worms.

Welcome to the UK’s largest producer of home grown, and hence super quality, worms - Perfect for both gardening and fishing.

Gardeners Gold compost is a natural organic by product from the process of keeping and breeding fishing and composting worms.

Gardeners Gold or black gold is the name given to top quality compost by gardeners the world over.

Compost is derived from the natural breakdown of organic matter by micro organisms (bacteria and fungi) and earth worms whose combined action breakdown the organic matter, releasing the nutrients stored in the organic matter such that is available for plants and seedlings. Just as nature intended.

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