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Gardeners Gold is the name given by gardeners the world over to well made mature compost. Here at Gardeners Gold Co, we produce 3 types of compost for various uses, and a general purpose mulch. Composts tend to be bulky products and are best purchased in quantity to reduce the delivery cost, so why not share a pallet with a neighbour or two?.

Our finest product is aptly named “WORMPOO”. This compost is very fine and looks just like tea leaves. It is pourable, clean and virtually odourless and so it can be used straight from the box and immediately.

Use as a seed compost, seedling and potting compost or for general purposes. Simply pour the “Wormpoo” out of its container into your chosen receptacle ( try using recycled plastic egg cartons or cut up tetra packs ), sow your seeds as instructed on the packet, water and let nature take its course. This product is particularly suitable for small gardens, flats and roof terraces, window boxes and window cills, for a few home grown treats. This product will save you masses of time, it can be mixed with a third part sand to make it go further, and it should provide all the balanced nutrients needed to get your plants off to a flying start.

WORMPOO is sold in 4 litre boxes and cartons of 5 x 4 litre boxes.

“Gardeners Gold”

Gardeners Gold compost is made the same way as wormpoo, by the action of earthworms, but this product is slightly courser and much more like the normal composts available at all garden centres and garages, but it is made by earthworms and will give you excellent results.

Gardeners Gold Compost is sold in 20 litre bags, by the pallet and also in big bags containing a cubic meter. (1000 litres). Please make sure you can handle a big bag when ordering, as most delivery vehicles cannot.

Gardeners Gold also sells a great general purpose compost or multipurpose compost.

Gardeners Gold also sells an attractive mulch to use as a weed suppressant in herbaceous borders, around trees and for rosebeds and paths.

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