Worms for Fishing

Worms have long been the fishing bait of choice for anglers, both for course and game freshwater fish and for sea fishing.

Large lobworms, found in old compost heaps were always sought after, but these are quite difficult to domesticate and farm. Most lobworms that are sold in the UK originate in fact from Canada, where they are sustainably managed on large tracks of grassland prairies by concessionaires and a large industry has evolved around them. The lobworms are air freighted into the UK and distributed.

Lov vs Dendrobaena

Gardeners Gold Ltd grows approximately one third of their lobworms themselves and the remainder are imported. We do not distinguish between them.


Dendrobaena worms are commonly found in the wild in forest leaf litter and areas of high organic matter. These conditions are relatively easy to reproduce in artificial domestic conditions and these worms therefore lend themselves to farming. While they do not grow as big as the lobworm, it is possible if you are patient to grow specimens of over 2 grams, which are big enough for most fish. They store well and can be maintained fairly easily for several months with a little supplementary feeding.

Gardeners Gold have several customers who have kept worms sent to them in kilo bags for 3 or 4 months by this method and they only order more when they run out after several fishing trips. 1 kilo bags or multiples of are probably the most economic way of purchasing dendrobaena worms for fishing.

Gardeners Gold Ltd are very happy to advise on how to keep your worms alive and healthy and how to obtain the best results when using them for fishing.

In addition, we have extensive experience in all forms of wormeries and we are more than happy to advise wormery owner’s on how to manage their wormeries and we can also supply replacement composting worms (not necessary if well managed) and other materials you might think your worms will need. Our advice will save you money.

All our worms are picked to order and will reach you in the very best fresh condition.

We do not recommend sending worms out after Thursday, to prevent them being stuck in transit over a weekend, so please think ahead and order in plenty of time. Similarly, we use carriers and if you require special delivery instructions please tell us when ordering to make sure your order is received by you in perfect condition.

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